Knee Pain? Learn How To Treat It!

knee joint

Although the knee  may look like a simple joint is is one of the most complex and the knee is more likely than any other joint in the body to be injured.  It is the leading cause of muculoskeletal pain and disability.

Ways to Relieve Knee Pain
Find a low-impact exercise you enjoy 
Talk to your doctor before beginning an exercise program. Good choices for people with knee pain include walking and swimming. Be sure to warm up before and cool down after exercising. Avoid hilly terrain and high-impact activities like running and jumping, as these can worsen knee pain.
Give a physical therapy a try 
Physical and occupational therapy often ad helpful for people with knee pain. A physical therapist can help design an exercise program that fits your individual ability level and teach you proper techniques to spare your joints.
Use ice and/or heat 
For many people with knee pain (or arthritis pain in general), ice can help relieve pain and swelling and heat can help ease stiffness. Ask your physiotherapist about how to safely use an ice pack and/or warm towel or heating pad. A hot shower in the morning or warm bath before be at night also may be helpful.
Apply a topical pain reliever 
A number of over-the-counter an prescription creams, gels, sprays and patches are readily available to help relieve knee pain. Again ask your physiotherapist which products might be right for you.

If you are experiencing pain it is important that you have your condition assessed by a physiotherapist.

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